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Granite Worktops Liverpool & Quartz Worktops Liverpool – Which supplier to choose?

If you are from Liverpool, and you’re seeking out the firm to fit your quartz and granite worktops, we can suggest a perfect company!

granite worktops If you’re at all interested in interior design, and most of my readers are, you will know that I strongly recommend granite and quartz because they’re the quiescence of modernity and a generally solid investment. Quartz and granite do not damage and can withstand scratches, impacts, and all sorts of abrasion. Quartz – and granite if sealed properly – won’t be porous nor will they stain or fade in colour. These worktops are also ideal for conventional and contemporary kitchen settings. For example you can fit an Absolute Black granite into a very modern, glass and copper-filled interior with lots of concrete elements. The same goes for quartz – a marble-lookalike Calacatta will beautifully complement a traditional, wooden kitchen.

No wonder many professional architects and designers that I know opt for stone – it’s got everything one needs from a worktop: a longevity which outlasts everything else on the market, reasonable pricing for such superior product and most of all natural and man made beauty and feel which outshines all other wooden, laminate, plastic or metal worktop counterparts.

The problem is – not all quartz or granite worktops are 100% legitimate, hence why you need a reliable supplier and manufacturer of stone worktops

Reliability is key – remember, even if you’re offered quartz and granite worktops sometimes it may turn out that they are actually shockingly low-quality reproductions, mimics of the true stone craft. Often so, if a company presents you with Chinese or Indian products, more than likely you’re being offered a cheaper but a weaker-quality material. So certainly make sure you investigate prior to purchasing any quartz or granite worktops. Companies often begin cooperation with these Chinese knock-off brands because their product is nearly identical to the real life quartz or granite and it sells for half the price, therefore the company itself can sell for cheaper and acquire more customers.granite kitchen worktops Liverpool

Don’t fall for that. It’s a cheap trick that you may come to regret. The aforementioned low-quality counterparts don’t match the real quartz & granite in any way. They often chip, they stain, burn when exposed to heat and get easily scratched or damaged. This is essentially the opposite of what the real granite & quartz are offering. And the biggest flaw of these imitative copies is that they don’t offer any guarantees or warranty – unlike Dekton for example, who offer a 25 year guarantee, or Silestone, Cosentino.

Ensure that each worktop company you cooperate with provides you with abundance of evidence that the brand you like is genuine and reliable. To ease your mind, here are the most prominent and most trusted European quartz and granite companies that offer prime quality granite and quartz products, guarantees and a lifetime of satisfaction: Levantina Granite & Quartz, Technistone Quartz, Unistone Quartz, Fugen Quartz, B-Stone Quartz, Dekton Sintered-Stone, Neolith Sintered-Stone, Lapitec Sintered-Stone, International Stone Granite, Compac Quartz, Nile Trading UK Quartz, Cosentino Silestone Quartz & Granite, Cimstone Quartz etc.

There are many more genuine and trusted quartz and granite brands out there, so ensure you do some research or ask your quartz / granite providers to fill you in on their supplier brands. If you’re offered an incredibly cheap quote e.g. anything below £1.5k for a full-sized kitchen then these should straight away be warning lights. The same goes for lack of online reviews for the brand or missing information as a whole regarding the granite / quartz brand. So, choose wisely.

But here is where my commendation of one certain company comes in.

Polish Granite LTD – the most trustworthy, dependable, honest and unfailing granite & quartz company in the North West of England

If you’re looking for granite worktops Liverpool or quartz worktops Liverpool contact only one firm: Polish Granite LTD.

Their online reviews, 14+ years of solid, reliable service on the British market and positive feedback all around speak for themselves. Polish Granite LTD, the company form Manchester is a reliable provider of all manner of quartz and granite. They will install your worktops, clad your floors with quartz, lay granite on your patio, repair your worktops, decorate your bathroom with sintered-stone – anything you ever desired, they’re at your service.

Liverpool worktops

I’ve been contacting them for years personally to ask for help and aid on this blog, and they’ve never failed to provide me with valuable information. When a couple of years ago I did some research on their former customers’ response, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that loved this company. But apart from great service, fantastic timing, knowledgeable and professional staff they have one main attribute – they only deal with reliable, honest and authentic granite & quartz supplier brands (the ones mentioned above).

As we’ve already gathered on this post – the quality of material is what should interest you, the customer, the most. After all, there are many granite & quartz masons out there that will provide a quality service from strat to finish – but so what, if the material they provided you stains or breaks in a year’s time?

With Polish Granite, you don’t need to worry about that.

Liverpool kitchen worktops

Even if it means losing customers, because they provide honest prices for quality product, they have remained that policy for years, and are still flourishing because few can fault them. That mostly comes down to their cooperation with reliable stone suppliers.

If you’re from Liverpool – don’t hesitate and get in touch with Polish Granite LTD.

Their turnaround is between 4-7 days, meaning you can have your worktops in your Liverpool property within a week if you order today. Few companies can guarantee you an excellent, well-rounded service, exquisite products and a fast delivery & installation period, so this is a no-brainer!

Kitchen Ceramic Worktops – The Highest Quality Stone on the Market Today!

Wondering what worktops are selling best in this day and age? Read below:

Kitchen ceramic worktops are one of the most exploited surfaces in the home – they should be resistant to mechanical damage, detergents, humidity, high temperatures and contact with various types of food products. It is also very important that they are easy to keep clean and that the food they prepare is not exposed to dirt and bacteria. In addition to functionality, aesthetics also counts – kitchen worktops define the appearance of the entire kitchen, so they must fit perfectly into the interior design. Can ceramic worktops meet such high demands? We check in this article.

In a classic tone – kitchen ceramic worktops

Kitchen ceramic worktops are one of the most popular solutions. Back in 2013 a company called Polish Granite released this page, stating that kitchen ceramic worktops are increasingly growing in popularity. When I asked them recently whether this pattern has been observed, they fondly replied with a solid yes. Apparently up to 40% of their monthly sales are kitchen ceramic worktops. They are made of terracotta, clinker or gres porcelain stoneware – natural or glazed. When choosing a terracotta, it is worth remembering that this material reacts vividly to large temperature changes. When installing terracotta tiles at the stove, it is therefore necessary to try to have relatively wide joints between them. Thanks to this, the tiles will be able to shrink and expand freely. grey ceramic worktopWhen choosing a ceramic material for a worktop, it is worth taking into account its abrasion class (PEI – from I to V). Naturally, the higher the class, the more resistant the tiles will be to abrasion. In addition, there is the so-called Mohs scale (range from 1 to 10), which means resistance to mechanical injuries. Ceramic tiles are usually glued to a chipboard with waterproof properties and then fugued with a waterproof joint. In order to make the edges of the tops smooth, it is worth to finish them with ceramic fittings or special strips for finishing the corners.

But what’s actually so good about these kitchen ceramic worktop products?

Kitchen ceramic worktops have many advantages. Many good qualities can be found in this article. This company of specialist masons argues it is the top selling worktop material. The choice of this material is supported above all by its rich design. The ceramic tiles have various patterns and colours, and can be large, mosaic, matt, semi-matt or glossy. Well selected will be a flagship kitchen decoration. They are most often used in rustic or Mediterranean style kitchens. In addition, tiles can boast resistance to high temperatures, water and detergents. High quality models are resistant to mechanical damage, and if any of the tiles crumbles, they can be easily replaced.
Defects? Surprisingly, the biggest worries are not the tiles, but the grouts. The material can be difficult to keep clean and can be a breeding ground for mould. Tiles, on the other hand, can crack, crumble and discolour if they are of poor quality.

How to choose the size of a kitchen worktop?

It is recommended that the kitchen worktop should be at least 80 cm long. This length can of course be increased, especially if there are many kitchen utensils on the worktop. The height of the worktop must be appropriate for the height of the user. rustic kitchen ceramic worktopsIf you bend your hand at the elbow in a standing position and position it so that the forearm is parallel to the floor, the comfortable worktop will be 20 cm below the forearm. At present, the standard height of the tabletop is considered to be about 90 cm. Its depth depends on our needs and the size of the kitchen, but if there are gas pipes or pipes underneath it, it should be more than 60 cm to neatly hide it all in the cabinets.