granite off cuts

Granite off cuts

Unusual use of granite off cuts

During the manufacturing of granite worktops, tiles, sills and wall linings, a lot of off cuts material is produced. It is a product of full value, but it is not used again for the production of the above-mentioned items. Why? Usually the pieces are too small and have irregular shapes. It doesn’t mean however, that they cannot be used. We decided to present you with several ways of giving second life to granite off cuts. Our suggestions are quite extraordinary but we believe they will find some followers. Continue reading  

kitchen furniture

The choice of kitchen furniture

The choice of kitchen furniture – things you should remember!

The kitchen not only has to be ideal, it’s got to be functional. The primary kitchen equipment is the furniture. The market offers multiple options and eventually when you have to make your choice, the decision does not come easy. The clients usually don’t know what aspects they should consider and in the end they may be unhappy with the purchased items. We know all of this too well, so we decided to prepare a list of the most important informations. Continue reading  

Stone floors

Stone floors

Stone floors – division with respect to their application and shapes

Stone is not only used for worktops. This material makes very elegant, sturdy and great looking floors. It is important to recognize, that stone floors are different in terms of application and the shape of tiles used. These issues will be described later in this article. Continue reading