quartz worktops

Properties of quartz worktops

Production, usage and properties of quartz worktops

Worktops made of quartz conglomerate are similar products to the ones made out of granite and marble. They are as durable, robust and resistant to all kinds of damage. It is thus no surprise that more and more people want to use them for their kitchens. For those who are considering the purchase of quartz worktops, we have prepared a collection of the most important information concerning their production, usage and properties. Are you interested? If so, then we invite you to read further! Continue reading  

Laying the stone floors-what you need to know

Frequent mistakes made when laying the stone floors

Stone flooring certainly looks very impressive, but their proper execution requires relevant knowledge, experience and proper equipment. Unfortunately, the lack of any of these factors often leads to mistakes that can cost us dearly. This article describes those that occur the most frequently, and if you are curious what they are, we invite you to keep reading! Continue reading  

granite sinks

What do you need to know about granite sinks?

Granite sinks appear more and more commonly in kitchens. It’s no wonder – they are functional, impressive and durable. Besides they fit excellently with nearly every interior design and add to it a little bit of luxurious character. If you are planning to buy one for your kitchen then we invite you to get familiar with the rest of the text. Here, we touch upon every important issue and mention some disadvantages of these products. Enjoy reading! Continue reading