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Kitchen worktops – kitchen islands

Kitchen worktops – materials

Many people perceive their kitchens as their kingdoms. Kitchen serve as their own place where they can rule over pots and pans and make whatever they want with fresh produce and ready-made meals. It’s all true on condition that kitchen is easy to navigate and has clearly divided areas. In order to be able to rule smoothly and without any problems it’s necessary for the kitchen to be clearly organised and neat.

kitchen granite worktopsZones matter the most, but worktops can’t be overlooked. Navigation is easy with clearly divided spaces (for example workspace, cleaning space, resting area) but the kitchen is empty without proper kitchen worktop. Luckily, there’s plenty of kitchen worktops to choose from depending on the material, shape, size and many others. In case of available materials kitchen worktops can be made of natural stones or engineered materials.

Kitchen islands

What’s more, kitchen worktops can also take various forms. There are sturdy and solid kitchen worktops made of wood or natural stone (if you are looking for such wortkops visit that look great in farmhouse kitchens surrounded by cottage furniture, but there are also much more modern types of kitchen worktops. Think for example of modern kitchen worktops falling in line with kitchen cabinets – just one long line hiding various kitchen appliances. Still, it’s not everything. There are also kitchen worktops called islands.

Kitchen islands as the name suggests look like islands in the sea. They are in the very centre of the kitchen space surrounded by nothing but empty areas. They are made to stand out and draw attention. They can work great in various types of kitchens and mingle with variety of design styles, both traditional as well as modern. Yet, in order to be so stunning such worktops need to fulfil a few requirements.

Kitchen worktops made as islands need to be made of quality material. Therefore, it’s best to choose from natural stones such as granite or marble or they can work fine with quality engineered stones like quartz. It’s also important to choose proper colour. Natural stones have unique colouring but their colour range is somehow limited whereas engineered stones can be made to have variety of shades.

Finally, kitchen islands need to coordinate well with whole kitchen design. They definitely won’t look good in kitchens that are cluttered and messy. There’s no point in installing such kitchen worktops where they can’t actually stand out from the surroundings. Hence, when choosing your kitchen worktop types it’s best to take into account your whole kitchen design.

White quartz worktops

White quartz worktops – modern or traditional design

White quartz worktops – traditional interiors

There are many materials, designs and colors of kitchen worktops. There’s a variety of available products. You can choose from high quality natural stones like granite or marble, from highly resistant and reliable engineered stones like quartz, from materials like ceramics or simply wood or modern metal. In terms of shapes and design you can have everything imaginable as well. There are so many ready-made designs or customized projects that can completely change the way your kitchen looks. Then, there is multiplicity of possible types of edges and polish. Kitchen worktops can be cut to have rough edges and curved lines or can have clear lines. You can choose from a very high polish and have a glossy worktop which reflects the light, or you can have a completely matte one. The choices are many and to people who don’t really know what they want it may be too much. Therefore, it’s good to see how a given choice may look like in given contexts to get better idea.

Let’s set on white quartz worktops. White quartz worktops can work pretty well in all kinds of interiors, both traditional and modern ones. Let’s focus first on traditional kitchen. Simply imagine the following. The kitchen is bright and welcoming. There’s a  lot of light coming in. The windows are rather big. The furniture is typical cottage furniture. It’s made of light wood, the color is intense. The appliances are state-of-the-art, but made to look old. There’s a lot of green, there are flowers and pots with herbs. There are mugs hanging over the worksurface and napkins with funny sayings. There’s an aura of chaos, but it’s a welcomed one. The clutter isn’t a mess. It’s just a proof of life going on. The kitchen is busy and yet gives off the feeling of peace and rest. In the very center there’s a huge white quartz worktop. It’s milky white – warm and welcoming. It has rough edges and isn’t polished. It’s there waiting to be used. It invites you to cut, peel and skin the products, to make dinner and enjoy it while eating. Can you see it?

White quartz worktops – modern kitchen

White quartz worktops can work well in a modern kitchen. To see it fully let’s picture this. The kitchen is all washed in white. There are white walls, white cabinets and white appliances with metallic elements. The white is a sterile one, pure white  of pearls, a little shiny and giving off its glare. It all reflect well off the metallic elements. The lines are clear and simple. The kitchen is really easy to navigate through. There’s not even one unnecessary detail or thing that’s out of place. All is carefully planned and arranged. White quartz worktop is sitting there among the cabinets. At first sight, you may not even notice it. It’s infused there and looks perfectly. Maybe that’s the kitchen for you?

Black metallic quartz

Black metallic quartz – welcome the starry night

Black metallic quartz

Quartz as an engineered stone comes in multiplicity of colors. You can choose from blackest black colors to pearly white, with almost everything in between. You can have your quartz polished, so it’s glossy and shiny, reflecting the light in an amazing way. You can also have it matt, so the surface isn’t so shiny and appears to be darker and more solid. No matter the color and type of polish, quartz is a stunning element of home interior and design. To help you imagine quartz power better just think of an example. Let’s choose black metallic quartz as a starting point of our journey through design.

Black metallic quartz as the very name suggests is a shade of black with metallic elements. The black here is not a deep black of a moonless night, but rather something like a shade between black and grey. The color depends on the point from where you look. No matter the angle, black or grey shade quartz metallic is filled with sparkles. A shiny small particles glowing underneath the surface, twinkling and constantly in motion. The quartz slab is just a start. Now you need to find for it a proper place and surroundings. Let’s go a step further and move black metallic quartz to your house, and particularly to your kitchen.

Starry night in your kitchen

Black metallic quartz is now in your kitchen. It’s the massive countertop in the very center of your kitchen. Can you see it, just sitting in the middle, looking like resting after a long walk? The countertop is huge with extra space to accommodate dining area. Nothing stands on its way. It’s not cluttered or decorated with unnecessary elements. It simply doesn’t need them. It’s the very center and can stand on its own. Its position is not threatened. Does it remind you of something? Isn’t it like a starry night invited to your kitchen? Can’t you see the starts reflecting the light, blinking at you? Don’t worry, if this image is too overwhelming. Bring back the day with white washed walls and bright furniture. Enjoy the night and day both.

Quartz worktops

Quartz worktops – useful informations

Quartz worktops – several words about their production and why they are better than stone

Not only natural stone is used for making kitchen and bathroom worktops. Today modern solutions allow for creating different materials and these are increasingly being used. We did not have to wait long for the popularity of quartz conglomerates. They are used for making floorings, wall linings, cabinet fronts and first and foremost worktops. How are quartz worktops made and why are they better than natural stone? Continue reading  

quartz worktops

Production, usage and properties of quartz worktops

In terms of quality, quartz conglomerate worktops are as good as products made of granite and marble. They are the same when it comes to toughness, durability, reliability and resistance to various types of damage. So a fact that we use them more and more in our kitchens is no surprise. For those of you, who consider purchasing quartz worktops we prepared a collection of information regarding their production, usage and properties. Are you interested? If yes, then we encourage you to keep reading! Continue reading