Kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops – kitchen islands

Kitchen worktops – materials

Many people perceive their kitchens as their kingdoms. Kitchen serve as their own place where they can rule over pots and pans and make whatever they want with fresh produce and ready-made meals. It’s all true on condition that kitchen is easy to navigate and has clearly divided areas. In order to be able to rule smoothly and without any problems it’s necessary for the kitchen to be clearly organised and neat.

kitchen granite worktopsZones matter the most, but worktops can’t be overlooked. Navigation is easy with clearly divided spaces (for example workspace, cleaning space, resting area) but the kitchen is empty without proper kitchen worktop. Luckily, there’s plenty of kitchen worktops to choose from depending on the material, shape, size and many others. In case of available materials kitchen worktops can be made of natural stones or engineered materials.

Kitchen islands

What’s more, kitchen worktops can also take various forms. There are sturdy and solid kitchen worktops made of wood or natural stone (if you are looking for such wortkops visit that look great in farmhouse kitchens surrounded by cottage furniture, but there are also much more modern types of kitchen worktops. Think for example of modern kitchen worktops falling in line with kitchen cabinets – just one long line hiding various kitchen appliances. Still, it’s not everything. There are also kitchen worktops called islands.

Kitchen islands as the name suggests look like islands in the sea. They are in the very centre of the kitchen space surrounded by nothing but empty areas. They are made to stand out and draw attention. They can work great in various types of kitchens and mingle with variety of design styles, both traditional as well as modern. Yet, in order to be so stunning such worktops need to fulfil a few requirements.

Kitchen worktops made as islands need to be made of quality material. Therefore, it’s best to choose from natural stones such as granite or marble or they can work fine with quality engineered stones like quartz. It’s also important to choose proper colour. Natural stones have unique colouring but their colour range is somehow limited whereas engineered stones can be made to have variety of shades.

Finally, kitchen islands need to coordinate well with whole kitchen design. They definitely won’t look good in kitchens that are cluttered and messy. There’s no point in installing such kitchen worktops where they can’t actually stand out from the surroundings. Hence, when choosing your kitchen worktop types it’s best to take into account your whole kitchen design.

Granite and quartz showroom – come and visit

Granite and quartz showroom – locations

Showrooms are becoming more and more popular. There are all kinds of showrooms displaying various kinds of merchandise and products. For example, you can find a lot of showrooms displaying given car makes, showrooms with furniture arrangements, showrooms with curtains etc. There are almost all kinds of showrooms imaginable. Interestingly, there are also showrooms displaying certain materials. For example, think of granite and quartz showrooms exhibiting how these materials can be used and what form they can take. These kinds of showrooms are very useful when it comes to granite and quartz because you can see how raw materials are turned into beautiful worktops or countertops. Where can you find locations of these particular kind of showrooms?

Granite and quartz showroom can be easily found online. Just type in your query and choose from the listings. Of course there are a lot of places where  you can see only granite displays or only quartz. Hence, you need to look more carefully for places having both of these materials. It’s also good to keep in mind that granite is a natural stone and as such requires much more different treatment than quartz. Quartz crystals can be also found in natural state, but in order to be fully functional they are often engineered and hence processed differently than natural stones. Remember these while looking for granite and quartz showroom. Finally, what happens when you find one, what exactly can you expect to find there?

Granite and quartz showroom – what can you find there

Granite and quartz showroom is generally a kind of display where you can see granite or quartz slabs. Usually in a given showroom there is a  whole wall devoted to them. Slabs hang one over another and you can easily compare them and see how the colors differ. Interestingly, there are also showrooms where you can find whole exhibitions of given rooms with granite or quartz worktops at the very center. Think for example of such a display: a kitchen which is fully equipped, there are even some basic appliances, there’s furniture and cooking utensils and in the very middle there’s a granite countertop, a kitchen island. Everything is perfectly designed and arranged. Colors are in agreement and the whole kitchen is carefully planned and  easy to navigate. This kind of showroom display is particularly interesting and helpful in visualizing kitchen countertops in live surroundings. The same goes with bathroom or any other imaginable room. These kind of showrooms are really good idea to visit before making actual purchase.

Olive green granite

Olive green granite – walk the sunny olive groves

Olive green granite – color images

Olive green granite is a perfect choice if you want to furnish your kitchen with style and subtle elegance. First of all, just imagine the color. Can you see a deep green shade, juicy but not too fresh? Just the hue of fully ripe green olives in the midday sun? But that’s not all. Olive green granite is much more. There are many small grains underneath the surface. They are of different sizes and each of them reflects light in a slightly different way. Finally, granite slab has this veining or line of color that goes deeper under the surface and is sometimes visible and then other times lost. Can you see the inner richness of this color? Can you imagine it fitted as your kitchen countertop in the very middle of your kitchen? Can you see it truly? If not, just follow the below example of how perfectly olive green granite countertop can set off your kitchen and make it warm and welcoming.

Olive green granite – enter the sunny olive groves

Olive green granite countertop is the very center of your kitchen. The edges are clear and clean cut. The lines are perfect symmetry. The countertop is carefully polished and shiny. It’s the most careful polish of all – spectacularly shiny and eye-catchingly glossy. It’s truly beautiful and stunning. The kitchen island is a perfect one for white washed and bright kitchen. The olive green when surrounded by white shades can finally stand out. When everything is ready – the design is in place, the countertop is properly fitted and installed you can finally take a moment for yourself. Just find a quiet moment of your day, this can be early in the morning when everybody is asleep or later in the evening when all the family is resting. Take a chair by the countertop and feel the kitchen atmosphere. Can you see how sun is reflecting on the granite surface, are the tiny particles visible? Now, it’s just like entering the sunny olive groves. You’re surrounded by the murky green of olives, brighter only in the places where the sun gently touches them. And it’s yours, right in the middle of your kitchen.

Outdoor granite worktops

Outdoor granite worktops – enjoy the sun

Granite worktops – qualities

Granite is a natural stone frequently used for making worktops. It is one of the best solutions for these demanding surfaces. Think of all the possible damages to the worktop – all the heavy thumping lids, knife blade scratching the surface or lemon juice spilled all over. Granite worktop will stand it all with no real harm done. It’s one of the hardest rocks so no lid or impact can deform it. Its surface can withstand any scratch. Try it yourself and you won’t find even a tiny crack. Granite is also non-porous so liquids won’t be absorbed if spilled. Apart from these qualities, granite is also heat and moist resistant. It doesn’t absorb smells and is easy to keep clean. Moreover, granite is not about pure functionality. It’s also eye-catching and beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors. Every granite is unique.

Outdoor granite worktops – sample ideas

Granite worktops are not only limited to home interiors. Of course, this is in a way their natural place to give off their splendor. Enclosed kitchen space is where granite can truly shine and draw attention. Let’s not limit ourselves and think of outdoor granite worktops as a great opportunity to show off as well. One of the interesting applications of granite worktop can be your patio. Today homes and flats are limited when it comes to space. Very often there is no place for real garden. It’s only enough space fitted for patio. Modern day patios don’t have to be sad and cluttered spaces filled with unnecessary junk. With carefully arranged space and outdoor granite worktops patio can become pleasant and inviting. Due to high durability granite worktop is the perfect solution for outdoor application. It can withstand harsh weather conditions without deterioration. Ideas best fitted for modern patios are to keep the space simple and arranged. Remember about clean lines and edges. To make it even more distinguishing good idea is to combine granite worktop with another natural materials. You can have it set in stone and add decorative elements from wood.

Outdoor granite worktops – get modern and sunny

Outdoor granite worktops if cared for properly can really shine and reflect the sun. If you simply follow the standard rules of cleaning granite (wash the dirt with soapy water and clean cloth, always wipe it clean and give it a final polish with another cloth soaked in oil) investment in granite worktop will be worth the money. Shiny surface will inevitably draw the eyes of your guests and allow them to see their faces reflected. The glare of the worktop will truly set your patio off. It’s not only the sun that you can enjoy. Granite is a modern material frequently used in contemporary indoor and outdoor designs. It’s perfectly fitted for modern day simplicity and minimum. Straight lines, cutting edges and polished surfaces are indicators of progressive perception of designs and architecture in general.


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