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Kitchen ceramic worktops are one of the most exploited surfaces in the home – they should be resistant to mechanical damage, detergents, humidity, high temperatures and contact with various types of food products. It is also very important that they are easy to keep clean and that the food they prepare is not exposed to dirt and bacteria. In addition to functionality, aesthetics also counts – kitchen worktops define the appearance of the entire kitchen, so they must fit perfectly into the interior design. Can ceramic worktops meet such high demands? We check in this article.

In a classic tone – kitchen ceramic worktops

Kitchen ceramic worktops are one of the most popular solutions. Back in 2013 a company called Polish Granite released this page, stating that kitchen ceramic worktops are increasingly growing in popularity. When I asked them recently whether this pattern has been observed, they fondly replied with a solid yes. Apparently up to 40% of their monthly sales are kitchen ceramic worktops. They are made of terracotta, clinker or gres porcelain stoneware – natural or glazed. When choosing a terracotta, it is worth remembering that this material reacts vividly to large temperature changes. When installing terracotta tiles at the stove, it is therefore necessary to try to have relatively wide joints between them. Thanks to this, the tiles will be able to shrink and expand freely. grey ceramic worktopWhen choosing a ceramic material for a worktop, it is worth taking into account its abrasion class (PEI – from I to V). Naturally, the higher the class, the more resistant the tiles will be to abrasion. In addition, there is the so-called Mohs scale (range from 1 to 10), which means resistance to mechanical injuries. Ceramic tiles are usually glued to a chipboard with waterproof properties and then fugued with a waterproof joint. In order to make the edges of the tops smooth, it is worth to finish them with ceramic fittings or special strips for finishing the corners.

But what’s actually so good about these kitchen ceramic worktop products?

Kitchen ceramic worktops have many advantages. Many good qualities can be found in this article. This company of specialist masons argues it is the top selling worktop material. The choice of this material is supported above all by its rich design. The ceramic tiles have various patterns and colours, and can be large, mosaic, matt, semi-matt or glossy. Well selected will be a flagship kitchen decoration. They are most often used in rustic or Mediterranean style kitchens. In addition, tiles can boast resistance to high temperatures, water and detergents. High quality models are resistant to mechanical damage, and if any of the tiles crumbles, they can be easily replaced.
Defects? Surprisingly, the biggest worries are not the tiles, but the grouts. The material can be difficult to keep clean and can be a breeding ground for mould. Tiles, on the other hand, can crack, crumble and discolour if they are of poor quality.

How to choose the size of a kitchen worktop?

It is recommended that the kitchen worktop should be at least 80 cm long. This length can of course be increased, especially if there are many kitchen utensils on the worktop. The height of the worktop must be appropriate for the height of the user. rustic kitchen ceramic worktopsIf you bend your hand at the elbow in a standing position and position it so that the forearm is parallel to the floor, the comfortable worktop will be 20 cm below the forearm. At present, the standard height of the tabletop is considered to be about 90 cm. Its depth depends on our needs and the size of the kitchen, but if there are gas pipes or pipes underneath it, it should be more than 60 cm to neatly hide it all in the cabinets.

Granite worktop online quote

Granite worktop online quote

Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is here that we meet with other tenants and prepare meals together. We are in it every day and it is here that social meetings are often held. This room is associated with warmth, smell and pleasant atmosphere, so each of us pays special attention during its furnishing.

Table top made of granite

Once we have completed the kitchen furniture and the necessary household appliances, it is necessary to take care of the proper selection of kitchen worktops. Due to their function, they are exposed to contact with water, different temperatures, steam, sharp tools.

The question arises here: What material should we use to make countertops so that they can enjoy their beauty for many years? The answer is simple: made of granite.

Granite worktops are characterized by durability and extraordinary resistance. By choosing granite as a material for kitchen worktops we avoid burnt boards or worktops made of other materials that are not as resistant to contact with hot dishes as granite. Granite worktops look beautiful in every colour. Most often, kitchen worktops are made in a polished structure, which gives perfect smoothness and natural incredible shine.

Granite worktops, due to their intended use, are exposed to contact with fat or water, so they should be impregnated to avoid possible discoloration. The most vulnerable in this case will be granite in light colours. Specially designed for this purpose impregnates will protect our granite worktops against absorption of various substances.

How much does a granite worktop cost?

Prices of granite worktops range from about 500-600 PLN to about 2000 PLN per square meter. Stones with interesting, rare patterns and colours are usually more expensive. When estimating the price of a granite worktop, it may turn out that the cost of specially reinforced furniture – due to its weight – has to be taken into account.

Granite worktop online quote

Granite worktop online quote is one of the main services of Polish Granite, thanks to which you can determine the value of a stone worktop without leaving your home and without incurring any costs. Completely free of charge and in just a few seconds you will get to know the average prices of a kitchen or bathroom granite worktop.

The final price of a worktop depends on several factors – surface, colour, thickness or type of processing. At the beginning you should choose granite in the colour, shape and dimensions you are interested in. With the granite worktop online quote you will know the approximate amount of granite worktop (the exact amount you will receive from our consultant after reading the details of the inquiry, including the ways of joining the worktops and the final assembly).

The next step after the order is to make a template and measurements of the kitchen countertop. It is done by our qualified fitters. The installation of a granite worktop takes from three to eight hours, depending on the size and complexity of the project.


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Kitchen worktop

Kitchen worktop made of stone

Types of kitchen worktops

Kitchen is primarily a workplace. Here we prepare meals, cut, bake and fry. Sometimes something will spill, fall or break. The temperature in the kitchen can be high, and steaming dishes make the room humid. Our kitchen furniture must be resistant to unfavourable conditions and easy to clean. The most durable should be the worktop – after all, it is the worktop where the most action takes place. Which worktop to choose? What kind of material should it be made of?

Laminated kitchen worktop

Laminated tops are lightweight and very durable. They are especially recommended for homes with small children because they are very easy to clean, so we do not have to worry about stains. Moreover, they are cheap and their replacement will not empty our pockets. This type of worktops does not fade, they are resistant to moisture and scratches. Their greatest advantage is the choice from a wide range of colors, so you will surely find one that fits your dream kitchen. However, we must remember to protect the cut edges with silicone or metal strip to protect the board from moisture.

Wooden worktop for kitchens

This is an extremely fashionable type of worktop. It owes its popularity mainly to the Scandinavian style, which won the hearts of Poles by storm. It will also work well in French style kitchens, but also in modern, lofty or minimalist ones. Wooden worktops are unfortunately the most demanding and the least durable – exposed to stains, damage or discoloration caused by the sun. Wooden worktops must be oiled regularly or decided to varnish them, which will take away much of their natural charm and may cause that because of the thick layer of hard varnish it will be difficult to distinguish them from laminated worktops with a wooden pattern. The advantage of wooden worktops, however, is the possibility to sand them, which will remove all signs of intensive use, unless we are lovers of wood, on which the mark of time has been reflected.

Kitchen worktop made of stone

This is the toughest and most durable of all kitchen worktops. It is not afraid of hot dishes, splashes or mechanical damage. You can cut, beat meat with a pestle, put hot dishes and pots directly on the countertop. In the case of small cavities, stone can be sanded, which makes the choice of a stone kitchen countertop an investment for life. Unfortunately, the durability of kitchen worktops goes hand in hand with their high price.

Choosing a kitchen worktop is an important decision that should be considered. We need to think not only about how our kitchen is to be furnished, but also how often and intensively we will use it. The important thing is, of course, whether the budget will allow us to use more expensive solutions and whether we will have time and desire to renovate the worktop. On the market we will find many opportunities and everyone will surely find something for oneself.

Ordering process of granite worktops

Kitchen granite worktops have their own unique charm. Moreover, they are durable and easy to care for, so they are ideal for areas exposed to intensive use. They give the interior an exclusive character and fit into any arrangement. Yes, they are expensive, but buying them is an investment for years. Once installed, the worktop will be used for decades, so it is really worth to be tempted to do so. And if we are talking about it, we have prepared a diagram of ordering granite worktops for all interested parties. Thanks to it nothing will surprise you!

Stages of ordering and production of granite worktops:

  1. Select the color of the stone

The first step is to indicate the color of the stone. We know that it is not easy, but necessary. The availability of shades is huge, so you will surely find one that suits your taste. However, you should remember that it must match the colour of furniture, walls and the floor. It can’t bite with them, because it will look as if it is detached from the whole composition, and this is not what it is all about. Of course, the safest are neutral shades such as beige, browns, creams, greys and black. They look good both in classic interiors, as well as in rooms decorated in modern style.

  1. Online quote

More and more companies involved in the production of granite worktops offer their customers the possibility of performing an online valuation, which allows them to get to know the estimated costs of order processing. The only information that needs to be given is the dimensions of the worktop, its shape, colour and the type of stone from which it is to be made. Sometimes it is also necessary to specify the number, size and shape of holes to be cut in the worktop for sink or cooktop installation.

  1. Estimated valuation

This is the next step of placing an order. After calculating the approximate costs with the help of a valuation tool and deciding to use the services of the selected company, please contact your customer’s advisor. On the basis of the submitted project, in which the following must be taken into account: exact dimensions, shape, colour, type of stone, quantity, size and shape of mounting holes, he will make more precise calculations and determine the final price of the order.

  1. Measurements and templates.

The worktop production process must be preceded by precise measurements and preparation of templates, on the pattern of which granite worktops will be produced. Measurements are made by employees of the stone factory on site. Therefore, before their visit, the furniture should be placed in the place where it is to be located and buy a sink, cooking plate, etc., if we do not have them yet, and which are necessary in order to be able to properly measure the worktop and openings for the assembly of equipment. Of course, once the measurements have been “taken off”, they must not be moved anymore.

  1. Production

The next step is production.  However, before professionals start making worktops, they compare templates and measurements with an estimate and check whether the total cost of the order corresponds to the costs of which the customer has been informed.  If there are any inaccuracies, the company immediately contacts the client and then starts working.

  1. Assembly

At the very end, the assembly is carried out, which may take 3-8 hours.  Naturally, the larger the worktops and the more complex the project, the longer it takes.



Quartz worktops Sale

Quartz worktops Sale Trafford Manchester

Quartz worktops Sale Trafford Manchester – The missing link to your décor?

Quartz worktops SaleIf your kitchen, located in Sale Trafford, is suffering from bleakness, monotony and lacklustre, then quartz worktops will be a perfect remedy. With a grand variety of colours and patterns available, that unique shine, stone-texture, and a lavish, luxurious appearance you’ll finally be able to brighten up the interior and grant it the wondrous splendour it never had. I.e. give it that wow factor it has been missing all this time. In the end, cabinets and flooring make up roughly 60% of your whole interior, but the remaining 40% belongs to the worktops themselves. They are after all, objects at an eye level. They are used daily when you cut up your veg or smear butter over your toast. Beyond that, you gaze upon them practically every time you’re in the kitchen, more so than flooring or cabinets. As such, they should be the most striking objects in your kitchen!

Are quartz worktops more marvellous than laminates or wood?

A 100%. If you’re looking out to get some quartz worktops Sale Greater Manchester, then check out this website. A lot of information concerning the varieties of materials is centred there, and via the blogs, articles or sub-pages you’ll be able to gain knowledge on everything that the company has to offer & other matters. E.g. what their expert opinion deems of quartz vs granite, the uses for marble, the attributes of ceramics. Everything is located there. Amid this information, you’ll be able to locate a lot of insight on the positive qualities of stone, and realise that things like resistance to heat/staining, strong durability, lifetime longevity are not reflected anywhere across the webpages of laminate/wood suppliers. In a nutshell, laminates and wooden, and even some metal worktops are inferior to stone in a lot of ways, and for each single attribute, stone will have five. For more details feel free to visit the site!

Quartz worktops Sale in Trafford Manchester – what patterns are the best?

This is certainly a matter of preference and subjectivity. We, for example, as experts in interior design could strongly recommend the marble-lookalike products which have been gaining increasing popularity in the recent years. These are essentially plain quartzes e.g. white or black, which are embellished with a multitude of veins that are unevenly scattered across the surface, providing the material an organic effect, hence the marble-lookalike name. These materials have been beloved by a lot of customers around the UK of late, and completely overshadow the plain & mirror-chip designs. For of the said quartz worktops Sale, feel free to inspect the website and alternatively visit the company’s showroom where all of the samples are displayed for you to check out.