White quartz worktops

White quartz worktops – modern or traditional design

White quartz worktops – traditional interiors

There are many materials, designs and colors of kitchen worktops. There’s a variety of available products. You can choose from high quality natural stones like granite or marble, from highly resistant and reliable engineered stones like quartz, from materials like ceramics or simply wood or modern metal. In terms of shapes and design you can have everything imaginable as well. There are so many ready-made designs or customized projects that can completely change the way your kitchen looks. Then, there is multiplicity of possible types of edges and polish. Kitchen worktops can be cut to have rough edges and curved lines or can have clear lines. You can choose from a very high polish and have a glossy worktop which reflects the light, or you can have a completely matte one. The choices are many and to people who don’t really know what they want it may be too much. Therefore, it’s good to see how a given choice may look like in given contexts to get better idea.

Let’s set on white quartz worktops. White quartz worktops can work pretty well in all kinds of interiors, both traditional and modern ones. Let’s focus first on traditional kitchen. Simply imagine the following. The kitchen is bright and welcoming. There’s a  lot of light coming in. The windows are rather big. The furniture is typical cottage furniture. It’s made of light wood, the color is intense. The appliances are state-of-the-art, but made to look old. There’s a lot of green, there are flowers and pots with herbs. There are mugs hanging over the worksurface and napkins with funny sayings. There’s an aura of chaos, but it’s a welcomed one. The clutter isn’t a mess. It’s just a proof of life going on. The kitchen is busy and yet gives off the feeling of peace and rest. In the very center there’s a huge white quartz worktop. It’s milky white – warm and welcoming. It has rough edges and isn’t polished. It’s there waiting to be used. It invites you to cut, peel and skin the products, to make dinner and enjoy it while eating. Can you see it?

White quartz worktops – modern kitchen

White quartz worktops can work well in a modern kitchen. To see it fully let’s picture this. The kitchen is all washed in white. There are white walls, white cabinets and white appliances with metallic elements. The white is a sterile one, pure white  of pearls, a little shiny and giving off its glare. It all reflect well off the metallic elements. The lines are clear and simple. The kitchen is really easy to navigate through. There’s not even one unnecessary detail or thing that’s out of place. All is carefully planned and arranged. White quartz worktop is sitting there among the cabinets. At first sight, you may not even notice it. It’s infused there and looks perfectly. Maybe that’s the kitchen for you?

Olive green granite

Olive green granite – walk the sunny olive groves

Olive green granite – color images

Olive green granite is a perfect choice if you want to furnish your kitchen with style and subtle elegance. First of all, just imagine the color. Can you see a deep green shade, juicy but not too fresh? Just the hue of fully ripe green olives in the midday sun? But that’s not all. Olive green granite is much more. There are many small grains underneath the surface. They are of different sizes and each of them reflects light in a slightly different way. Finally, granite slab has this veining or line of color that goes deeper under the surface and is sometimes visible and then other times lost. Can you see the inner richness of this color? Can you imagine it fitted as your kitchen countertop in the very middle of your kitchen? Can you see it truly? If not, just follow the below example of how perfectly olive green granite countertop can set off your kitchen and make it warm and welcoming.

Olive green granite – enter the sunny olive groves

Olive green granite countertop is the very center of your kitchen. The edges are clear and clean cut. The lines are perfect symmetry. The countertop is carefully polished and shiny. It’s the most careful polish of all – spectacularly shiny and eye-catchingly glossy. It’s truly beautiful and stunning. The kitchen island is a perfect one for white washed and bright kitchen. The olive green when surrounded by white shades can finally stand out. When everything is ready – the design is in place, the countertop is properly fitted and installed you can finally take a moment for yourself. Just find a quiet moment of your day, this can be early in the morning when everybody is asleep or later in the evening when all the family is resting. Take a chair by the countertop and feel the kitchen atmosphere. Can you see how sun is reflecting on the granite surface, are the tiny particles visible? Now, it’s just like entering the sunny olive groves. You’re surrounded by the murky green of olives, brighter only in the places where the sun gently touches them. And it’s yours, right in the middle of your kitchen.

Wood flooring

Wood flooring – design ideas

Wood flooring – materials

You must be really careful when deciding on wood flooring. It isn’t an easy decision and it requires careful planning and consideration. Although, it seems that wood flooring always guarantees style and timeless elegance, it’s good to remember that wood flooring on its own won’t help and elevate your rooms, if they’re not designed well from the very beginning. However, it’s true that wood flooring looks good in all kinds of interiors, both traditional and modern. They are always chic and sleek, which makes them perfect in warm and welcoming interiors of traditional houses, and still looking great in sleek and clearly defined rooms. What are the possible materials that you can choose from?

First of all, you can have timber flooring. It looks good in all kinds of interiors with its air of natural warmth and rustic cottage style. Interestingly, it can add texture to modern, otherwise clean and clear interiors, where most of the times texture is to be hidden and all the surfaces need to be or appear polished and smooth. Another idea is to have multi-layered or engineered wood. These types of flooring guarantee solidity and much more modern look. In this case texture isn’t so visible, and the surface is much more polished and smooth. Finally, you can also have laminate or vinyl flooring which imitates wood. These kinds of flooring are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, where there is a lot of harmful factors that can destroy natural wood or seriously affect even engineered flooring.

Wood flooring – practical solutions

When deciding on wood flooring it’s good to keep in mind a few basic rules. First of all, wood flooring doesn’t look good everywhere. Be careful and try to visualize first before setting on buying something expensive, yet not truly fitting. Secondly, keep in mind that timber wood is rather costly, yet it’s not always a good choice since it wears down easily. Hence, timber flooring in kitchens or bathrooms, or other spaces subjected to harmful factors isn’t a good idea.

Kitchen worktops online quote

Kitchen worktops online quote – an easy way to know the prices

Kitchen worktops – what are the prices

Kitchen worktops are a very important part of your kitchen. They are the very heart of everyday activity and action. They are the places where you prepare food, cut your vegetables and fruit or even eat. It’s really necessary to take proper care of them and choose wisely what kind of kitchen worktop suits your needs best. First of all, you need to decide on the material. There is plenty of materials available. You can choose from natural stones, like granite or marble or from engineered stones like quartz. There are also ceramic worktops and other cheaper and lower quality materials. No matter the choice it’s good to know the prices and be able to compare them before you decide to buy.

Learning the qualities and typical features of each material is also a must. You should be aware that the prices vary much mostly due to materials characteristics and qualities. For example granite is a very durable natural stone which can make a perfect kitchen worktop. It’s resistant to water and moist, heat and scratches. It’s also almost impossible to damage it with heavy impacts or hot plates. Hence, granite is perfect for the kitchen. Marble on the other hand, isn’t so impact and scratch resistant – hence it may be better suited for bathroom. Anyway, because of the great qualities of these two natural stones their prices are much higher than engineered stones or ceramics, not to mention the cheap but poor quality materials. When thinking of qualities it’s reasonable to pay more for high quality stones.

Kitchen worktops – learn the prices

What are the best ways to compare prices? First of all, you can learn a lot while walking from store to store an ask sales assistants about prices and qualities. Then you can compare prices while looking online, most often direct information is available on theme related forums and portals. Finally, the best option is to get kitchen worktops online quote, just visit polishgranite.co.uk/online-quote. When entering different suppliers website you can see quote option. Here you just need to type some basic information (number of boxes differ depending on the given website) and click send or calculate button. There are two possibilities, you can have your quote straight away and see how much chosen worktop can cost you or you have to wait some time (usually up to 24 hours) for the information back from the supplier. Either way this is the most effective way of calculating prices and comparing final costs. It’s truly useful to check few suppliers websites to get an idea how much the investment can cost and if there are some huge differences in prices.

Black metallic quartz

Black metallic quartz – welcome the starry night

Black metallic quartz

Quartz as an engineered stone comes in multiplicity of colors. You can choose from blackest black colors to pearly white, with almost everything in between. You can have your quartz polished, so it’s glossy and shiny, reflecting the light in an amazing way. You can also have it matt, so the surface isn’t so shiny and appears to be darker and more solid. No matter the color and type of polish, quartz is a stunning element of home interior and design. To help you imagine quartz power better just think of an example. Let’s choose black metallic quartz as a starting point of our journey through design.

Black metallic quartz as the very name suggests is a shade of black with metallic elements. The black here is not a deep black of a moonless night, but rather something like a shade between black and grey. The color depends on the point from where you look. No matter the angle, black or grey shade quartz metallic is filled with sparkles. A shiny small particles glowing underneath the surface, twinkling and constantly in motion. The quartz slab is just a start. Now you need to find for it a proper place and surroundings. Let’s go a step further and move black metallic quartz to your house, and particularly to your kitchen.

Starry night in your kitchen

Black metallic quartz is now in your kitchen. It’s the massive countertop in the very center of your kitchen. Can you see it, just sitting in the middle, looking like resting after a long walk? The countertop is huge with extra space to accommodate dining area. Nothing stands on its way. It’s not cluttered or decorated with unnecessary elements. It simply doesn’t need them. It’s the very center and can stand on its own. Its position is not threatened. Does it remind you of something? Isn’t it like a starry night invited to your kitchen? Can’t you see the starts reflecting the light, blinking at you? Don’t worry, if this image is too overwhelming. Bring back the day with white washed walls and bright furniture. Enjoy the night and day both.