Kitchen worktops online quote

Kitchen worktops online quote – an easy way to know the prices

Kitchen worktops – what are the prices

Kitchen worktops are a very important part of your kitchen. They are the very heart of everyday activity and action. They are the places where you prepare food, cut your vegetables and fruit or even eat. It’s really necessary to take proper care of them and choose wisely what kind of kitchen worktop suits your needs best. First of all, you need to decide on the material. There is plenty of materials available. You can choose from natural stones, like granite or marble or from engineered stones like quartz. There are also ceramic worktops and other cheaper and lower quality materials. No matter the choice it’s good to know the prices and be able to compare them before you decide to buy.

Learning the qualities and typical features of each material is also a must. You should be aware that the prices vary much mostly due to materials characteristics and qualities. For example granite is a very durable natural stone which can make a perfect kitchen worktop. It’s resistant to water and moist, heat and scratches. It’s also almost impossible to damage it with heavy impacts or hot plates. Hence, granite is perfect for the kitchen. Marble on the other hand, isn’t so impact and scratch resistant – hence it may be better suited for bathroom. Anyway, because of the great qualities of these two natural stones their prices are much higher than engineered stones or ceramics, not to mention the cheap but poor quality materials. When thinking of qualities it’s reasonable to pay more for high quality stones.

Kitchen worktops – learn the prices

What are the best ways to compare prices? First of all, you can learn a lot while walking from store to store an ask sales assistants about prices and qualities. Then you can compare prices while looking online, most often direct information is available on theme related forums and portals. Finally, the best option is to get kitchen worktops online quote, just visit When entering different suppliers website you can see quote option. Here you just need to type some basic information (number of boxes differ depending on the given website) and click send or calculate button. There are two possibilities, you can have your quote straight away and see how much chosen worktop can cost you or you have to wait some time (usually up to 24 hours) for the information back from the supplier. Either way this is the most effective way of calculating prices and comparing final costs. It’s truly useful to check few suppliers websites to get an idea how much the investment can cost and if there are some huge differences in prices.

Black metallic quartz

Black metallic quartz – welcome the starry night

Black metallic quartz

Quartz as an engineered stone comes in multiplicity of colors. You can choose from blackest black colors to pearly white, with almost everything in between. You can have your quartz polished, so it’s glossy and shiny, reflecting the light in an amazing way. You can also have it matt, so the surface isn’t so shiny and appears to be darker and more solid. No matter the color and type of polish, quartz is a stunning element of home interior and design. To help you imagine quartz power better just think of an example. Let’s choose black metallic quartz as a starting point of our journey through design.

Black metallic quartz as the very name suggests is a shade of black with metallic elements. The black here is not a deep black of a moonless night, but rather something like a shade between black and grey. The color depends on the point from where you look. No matter the angle, black or grey shade quartz metallic is filled with sparkles. A shiny small particles glowing underneath the surface, twinkling and constantly in motion. The quartz slab is just a start. Now you need to find for it a proper place and surroundings. Let’s go a step further and move black metallic quartz to your house, and particularly to your kitchen.

Starry night in your kitchen

Black metallic quartz is now in your kitchen. It’s the massive countertop in the very center of your kitchen. Can you see it, just sitting in the middle, looking like resting after a long walk? The countertop is huge with extra space to accommodate dining area. Nothing stands on its way. It’s not cluttered or decorated with unnecessary elements. It simply doesn’t need them. It’s the very center and can stand on its own. Its position is not threatened. Does it remind you of something? Isn’t it like a starry night invited to your kitchen? Can’t you see the starts reflecting the light, blinking at you? Don’t worry, if this image is too overwhelming. Bring back the day with white washed walls and bright furniture. Enjoy the night and day both.

Open plan kitchen conservatory

Open plan kitchen conservatory – let the greenery in

Conservatory in open plan kitchen

Conservatory doesn’t have to be located outside or in a separate building. You can have a conservatory designed to be incorporated directly into open plan kitchen. If you only have place and decide to knock down the back wall you can easily create space and link the kitchen with the outside. Open plan kitchen is particularly good for the purpose since the space there can be arranged in different ways and unnecessary doors don’t block our way. With conservatory build of glass roof and walls and filled with greenery of growing plants your open plan kitchen can become truly stunning. Just think of the amount of entering light, the blue sky overhead and the juicy green plants ready to be picked for your dinner. Sounds like dreams come true.

Advantages of open plan kitchen conservatory

The above mentioned advantages of having conservatory attached directly into your kitchen are not the only ones. Think bold and let your imagination guide you. Apart from, easy access to the place where you can grow your own plants and herbs that you can later use in preparing dinner, conservatory can be a way out into the garden beyond. You can just pick some plants and herbs and then go out into the garden to get your own vegetables or fruits and have a whole meal picked up right out of your kitchen. Conservatory can also serve as a space soothing your sore eyes after a busy day at work. The weather outside isn’t inviting, but you can still enjoy the pleasant greenery of your plants in the conservatory. It’s been long known that green color has a very positive influence on people’s sight. Hence, conservatory right out there can serve as a relaxing zone after long day of stressful work in dull offices.

Of course there are many other advantages of having a conservatory incorporated into the kitchen. The way we use it depends only on us. The relaxing space with a direct access of light can’t be a waste of money and time. The greenery out there awaits you and deep blue sky is there for you to soothe your eyes and give you peace of mind.