Outdoor granite worktops

Outdoor granite worktops – enjoy the sun

Granite worktops – qualities

Granite is a natural stone frequently used for making worktops. It is one of the best solutions for these demanding surfaces. Think of all the possible damages to the worktop – all the heavy thumping lids, knife blade scratching the surface or lemon juice spilled all over. Granite worktop will stand it all with no real harm done. It’s one of the hardest rocks so no lid or impact can deform it. Its surface can withstand any scratch. Try it yourself and you won’t find even a tiny crack. Granite is also non-porous so liquids won’t be absorbed if spilled. Apart from these qualities, granite is also heat and moist resistant. It doesn’t absorb smells and is easy to keep clean. Moreover, granite is not about pure functionality. It’s also eye-catching and beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors. Every granite is unique.

Outdoor granite worktops – sample ideas

Granite worktops are not only limited to home interiors. Of course, this is in a way their natural place to give off their splendor. Enclosed kitchen space is where granite can truly shine and draw attention. Let’s not limit ourselves and think of outdoor granite worktops as a great opportunity to show off as well. One of the interesting applications of granite worktop can be your patio. Today homes and flats are limited when it comes to space. Very often there is no place for real garden. It’s only enough space fitted for patio. Modern day patios don’t have to be sad and cluttered spaces filled with unnecessary junk. With carefully arranged space and outdoor granite worktops patio can become pleasant and inviting. Due to high durability granite worktop is the perfect solution for outdoor application. It can withstand harsh weather conditions without deterioration. Ideas best fitted for modern patios are to keep the space simple and arranged. Remember about clean lines and edges. To make it even more distinguishing good idea is to combine granite worktop with another natural materials. You can have it set in stone and add decorative elements from wood.

Outdoor granite worktops – get modern and sunny

Outdoor granite worktops if cared for properly can really shine and reflect the sun. If you simply follow the standard rules of cleaning granite (wash the dirt with soapy water and clean cloth, always wipe it clean and give it a final polish with another cloth soaked in oil) investment in granite worktop will be worth the money. Shiny surface will inevitably draw the eyes of your guests and allow them to see their faces reflected. The glare of the worktop will truly set your patio off. It’s not only the sun that you can enjoy. Granite is a modern material frequently used in contemporary indoor and outdoor designs. It’s perfectly fitted for modern day simplicity and minimum. Straight lines, cutting edges and polished surfaces are indicators of progressive perception of designs and architecture in general.

Laser engraving granite

Laser engraving granite

Granite features

Granite is a natural stone with a lot of exceptional qualities. First of all, it’s a really hard stone, which is almost impossible to scratch. It’s highly durable and resistant to impacts. It’s also non-porous which means that it doesn’t absorb liquids easily. It’s also resistant to stains and heat. All these qualities combined with its unique colours and veining make it perfect for furnishing house interiors but also for other more unusual applications.

Granite uses

Granite is commonly used in making bathroom worktops, kitchen countertops, halls flooring and walls cladding. Granite can be also encountered on the streets, there are pavement elements, which are typically made of granite and on the cemeteries, which are full of granite tombstones. More unusual granite uses are for example all kinds of artistic creations like pieces of jewellery, decorative elements of clothing like tie pins, cufflinks or granite pieces intertwined in the fabric of various parts of garments. You can also find granite cubes for drinking whisky (instead of ice) or granite supports for pens etc. There really are many and more granite uses.

Laser engraving granite

Although, it’s not easy to shape granite there is a possibility of laser engraving granite. What does this process mean and what are its possible applications? Laser engraving is a process where special laser engraving machine etches granite surface. Basically, laser is pointed directly to granite surface and engraves it. It’s usually a shallow etch. During the process the colour of the surface is removed and a picture or lettering is created. Modern laser machines are very precise and there is a wide range of possible patterns and letters to be engraved. Interestingly, the images and letters are getting more and more complex. What are the applications of laser engraved granite? These you can find on tombstones (think of all the intricate images of saints) but also on granite plates on building walls or front doors of offices.

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen – distinguishing features

Modern kitchen – features

Kitchen is usually the central part of your house. It’s therefore important to keep it alive and in good condition, so that it remains inviting and warm. In our fast advancing world everything changes so fast that it’s hard to keep up. It concerns also changes to house interiors and styles. It’s impossible for you to move along but leave out your kitchen. At some point kitchen remodeling is a must. Modern kitchen helps you in everyday life and keeps you relaxed and peaceful. What are the distinguishing features of modern kitchen? First of all, it should use slab door style, which means that all the surfaces should be made of flat slabs of materials. They don’t stand out and are smoothly connected. There is no place for ornament decorations. All the lines should be kept clean and simple. When it comes to kitchen hardware it all should be incorporated into the cabinet in order to keep the line intact. Again there is no ornamentation only sleek and elegant surfaces. Modern kitchen relies heavily on natural materials such as granite or marble stones or wood. Generally, the materials should not be mixed too freely and furniture should be one style as well.

Modern kitchen – why it’s worth your time

Is modern kitchen truly a necessity? It certainly is. Its modern space, which is neatly organized guarantees both comfort and safety. It’s comfortable because it’s not cluttered with unnecessary decorations and allows you to move around easily. It’s safe because all the hardware and appliances are incorporated into the cabinet or hidden in the walls. These keeps you out of harms way. Spacious kitchen gives you air to breathe freely and relax after overwhelming days in crowded office buildings. Clean lines and discreet elegance can calm you down. The light and natural colors, which are also distinguishing features of modern day kitchen are proved to also have a good effect on people’s senses. They are quieting and calming as well.

Stylish kitchen decorations

Stylish kitchen decorations

Kitchen remodelled – what’s next

When everything is finally ready – you have your kitchen perfectly remodelled but still something is missing. You know it’s a crucial element but can’t really decide what it is. There’s a new durable flooring and almost all factors-resistant kitchen countertop, all the appliances are state of the art technology and design follows modern ideas. Yet, where is the soul of our kitchen? It’s the details that matter and make the difference. Small decorative elements that give your kitchen the final touch and make it truly yours. Remember, however, to be careful and don’t clutter your kitchen with decorations. Modern style is all about clean lines and clearly defined edges where there is a lot of space and air. Decorative elements are only there to draw attention of your guests and not overwhelm them.

Stylish kitchen decorations

What are the examples of modern stylish kitchen decorations? Examples are many to choose from, what is important, is to choose wisely and be yourself. Don’t try to forcefully put up modern graphics all over the space if you’re really not a fan or don’t make your kitchen green with flowers, if otherwise your house is lacking them. Keep it all contained and yours. Consider stylish kitchen decorations such as: simple graphics with catchy slogans or images connected with kitchen like coffee or fruits, wooden elements of kitchenware like cutting boards, small pots with basil or rosemary, creative design mugs, small decorative pillows or funny calendars and fridge magnets. These are just w few ideas, you can always find more in your friends’ homes or on the internet. Don’t be afraid to play with these ideas and combine them as you wish. They all can make your kitchen beautiful and truly set it off. Even kitchen furnished with the best possible materials, granite countertop and porcelain tile floor, won’t be enough if there isn’t just one decorative element, that makes it stand out and breaks its sterile out of the catalogue impression.